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One Year Upgrade/Support

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If you purchase a one-year upgrade, you can install all new releases available within next year. After expiration of one-year upgrade, your license remains fully functional. However, you cannot install new versions anymore – except minor releases. You can renew upgrading whenever you decide. The one-year upgrade can be purchased in our on-line store, the same way as a full license.

The one-year upgrade can be purchased optionally together with a full license. Later, you can purchase upgrade separately. Minor releases, available still after expiration of one-year upgrades, has changed only the latest number of VariCAD version. For instance, if the 2012-2.06 is the current version, a minor release is 2012-2.07. Contrary to this, 2012-3.0 or 2013-1.0 is a major release not available after expiration of upgrades.