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Printing problems

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Printing problems
I find the printing in VariCAD quite buggy (or at least unpredictable). For example:
File-->Print,VariCAD drivers --> Postscript file, and then
1) Defined by selection window, and I select a portrait region (hight > width)
2) Fit to sheet size
3) Select format from list: A4
Then the preview shows a *landscape* region (not at all what I have selected). This result is in fact independent of what orientation I choose (Automatic, Portrait, Landscape, Do not rotate). The output postscript file has a custom size (BBox), and not at all A4.
A few minutes ago I managed to produce a correct portrait A4 output, I don't know why the behaviour suddenly changed, I have no time to experiment more. Will make a screen-snapshow in the worst case...
printing problems
If anybody answers this question, please include a step-by-step description, how to produce an output postscript or PDF file, which is
- 1:1scale
- it has *valid* A4 papersize
- landscape or portrait orientation according to user
- it contains really the selected rectangular area of the 2D drawing

printing problems
To report a bit more.....

I tried for example:
File --> Print --> Print, VariCAD Drivers --> System Printer --> Set Printer --> Print to File, Landscape, A4 (and I specify a .pdf file as output)
and then:
Defined by selection window (I select a landscape region), No additional scaling, --> Preview (Trim, adjust to center) --> Print

The resulting pdf file seems to be ok, however
- openinig it in pdfedit, and checking the page metrics, it says: Left upper corner, x position: 0, Left upper corner, y position: 0, Right bottom corner, x position: 29.7039 cm, Right bottom corner, y position: 20.9903 cm. This is *almost* an A4, as I specified, however, it IS NOT an A4.
- When I print it (using lpr file.pdf, CUPS version 1.3.2 shipped with Ubuntu 7.20), then my printer (HP LaserJet 4000) wants me to fill A5 paper. When I ask it to use A4 instead, it prints only a small part of the full picture.

About to get crazy with this printing problem...
printing problems
Let me continue my monologue....

My goal is still to produce a valid A4 PDF output.

I have set up the 2D drawing format from Tools-->Change drawing format-->User defined (297x210)

Now, I add a border 'Create sheet border around 2D area according to 2D format'. The sheet border is created with the right dimensions (297x210). I interactively place it such that it surrounds my drawing... (for some reason the original, automatic position is off...)

First I try the PDF printer (which is part of CUPS): File-->Print, VariCAD Drivers --> System Printer, Set Printer, and I select 'pdf', paper format A4, landscape.
Then, in the 'Print' dialog, I click Printed area definition: 'Defined by view window'. Then an interactive window appears, where I can position the view window - however, this window is NOT 297x210 mm, but somewhat wider, and the height is less... pretty annoying... why did I then specify 297x210? just for my own fun... So I then click 'Define window by corners, and select the sheet boundary (which is 297x210) as closely as I can. Then I say 'No additional scaling', and click 'Preview'. I get the error 'Desired format exceeds paper size'. I click 'Trim, adjust to center', and 'Preview'. The highlighted area is less than the A4-landscape, clipping the sheet boundary....

Another trial: File-->Print-->Print, VariCAD drivers --> PostScript print, Output to file.
Then, in the 'Print' dialog, 'Defined by selection window', and I select the sheet border (which is the correct 297x210). I check 'No additional scaling', and then Preview: the pink highlighted area is as high as my selection (i.e. 210), but it is much wider. The output postscript document contains really the pink highlighted area (i.e. NOT what I have selected), and when converted to pdf, its left part is clipped.

I am pretty sure one can print to A4 landscape. Would somebody tell me the secret, how?

printing problem
So let me conclude, printing is buggy, and no workaround is suggested. Planned to correct this in the future?