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One of my most missed Functions in Varicad is Tapering. Tapering means that you can define an Angle of the Surfaces when Extruding a Solid to make it production ready.

Also it means to setup a Tapering on an existing Solid.

Will there be a chance to get this Function in a later Version of Varicad?
Yes, it will. We plan on implementing it.

But if I understand correctly what you want to create, it can be done in the current version of VariCAD as well. Just perhaps not in the way you expect.

Can you send a sample drawing to support@varicad.com ? We could send you instructions on how to work around the problem using the existing VariCAD tools.
Thatś no Problem
I don have any Problem with modelling tapered Parts. I want to have this Function to setup the tapering after modelling of the Part or - for example - for tapering the Surfaces when extruding the Solid.