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bug selecting 'completely outside'

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bug selecting 'completely outside'
First, when I click in Varicad (2008 1.04 Unix) on
Help|Varicad on the web|Feedback, I'm directed to the homepage with no opportunity to give feedback. Would be good if either one would be directed to a new to make feedback page, or to this forum.
Second, when I use the 'completely outside' selection tool and the selection I choose is completely inside a box (i.e. no borders of that box are crossed), the box IS selected while it is NOT completely outside.
selecting 'completely outside'
As to redirecting to a new addresses of our web pages, our webmaster will fix it. Sorry for the inconvenience.

As to the 'completely outside' selection tool, it works well. Please can you provide more details about your system? Also, it would be helpful if you could send also the drawing at support@varicad.com .
selecting 'completely outside'
I just finished sending an email with an elaborate description of my encounter with this 'problem'. My preliminary conclusion is that the 'completely outside' selection checks if an object's borders are 'completely outside' (the projection of) the selection rectangle rather than checking if all physical parts of the object are outside the rectangle. After all, that's how one mostly defines an object in software: by its borders. A check whether the selection rectangle is completely enclosed by any object's borders (of the objects with all borders completely outside) would solve the problem, but might put a heavy burden on the poor programmer seeking to implement that feature.
selecting 'completely outside'
Thank you. We have double checked it, and the selection rectangle works well... Please check your settings - see VariCAD menu: Tools > System Settings > 3D Selection Settings > 3D Selection Settings ... And for 2D: Tools > System Settings > 2D Selection Windows .. (including the optins available after clicking the button "Cursor movement for window").
According to these settings it can make difference whether you move the cursor right and up or right and down etc.
Please check these settings.
Thank you
Re: selecting 'completely outside'
Hi, when I do as you advise, the Solids Selection Settings pops up in a window which is too tall for my screen. I see only two lines for settings in 'Left and down cursor movement' so I assume two lines are missing. Correct behavior would make the window resizable (it isn't) and have a vertical scroll bar appear if not all lines fit in that window.

Further, regarding your remark on selection settings, I don't use the cursor movement to tell VariCAD what to select. Rather I used the button specifically called 'completely outside', so the correct behavior in that case would indeed be to correct everything that is 'completely outside' of the selection rectangle which appears while dragging the mouse correspondingly.
Finally the mail has been sent, so now you can try for yourself; there was a problem with my provider. Sorry for announcing a mail that wasn't even out yet.
it should say: "would indeed be to select everything" instead of 'correct'
Re: selecting 'completely outside'
Thanks for your explanation. Your email has already been replied. Please check your inbox.

Using the function "Save Selected" (menu: File > Save Selected) seems better and faster in this case.

As to the 'completely outside' selection, it really looks for border crossing, just as described.

Thanks again