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parts from parts

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parts from parts
I understand that one can make assemblies from parts. But why is that feature not recursive? I would like to make one subassembly from parts, make a new subassembly from a number of those subassemblies and save them in files separately.
Or did I miss something?
parts from parts
Currently you can make assebmlies from parts and vice versa. But it cannot be a part file and assembly file simultaneously. But we plan on extending functionality further so that it is possible.
Re: parts from parts
I understand there are basic, or 'atomic' building blocks, like cilinder, pipe, box etc., which can be edited into parts (like a bolt or a nut), which make up an assembly (bolt and nut). OK.
It would be good to make those assemblies recursive, so you can make an assembly from parts, which are edited Varicad elements. Then you can assemble some of those (sub-)assemblies together in a new assembly (for instance two sheets connected through a bolt and nut), which can be used as a new (sub-)assembly to construct a new assembly (for instance a metal box or whatever.
Just allow the assemblies to be new sub-assemblies, i.e. make them recursive.
That would be most valuable.
Subassemblies would be my biggest wish by far, too.
Varicad can handle assemblies of thousands of parts quite well, but when it comes to creating assembly drawings i don't want to assign leaders to hundreds of different parts.
So I copy all the parts forming a "subassembly" to a new document and create the subassembly drawing there. The backdraw is when something changes I have to change the "subassembly" document by hand because it is not connected to the master assembly.
Also the BOM in the master assembly does not contain the subassembly but all its single parts.