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"Melding" parts together

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"Melding" parts together
If I have a construction of some profiles that is supposed to be melded together, can I sort of make this link between solids so that the joint is "perfect"? (as it is now, the solids are either overlapping eachother or there is a small distance between them)
When moving a part, the parts that are linked together should move along as a unit.
Re: "Melding parts together
I agree, that should be a feature supported by Varicad.
"Melding" parts together
From a friend that knows SolidWorks very well, I've just found out that it exists in SolidWorks and called "mate". Seems like a very basic functionality for a cad, probably exists in varicad as well, just have to find out about it
Boolean Add
I may misunderstand your question, but maybe what you want to do is a boolean add. That will create a single solid out of two individual solids. Just keep on doing boolean add until all of your solids that make up your construction are joined.
"Melding" parts together
The closest thing I have found is grouping . Where you can select items according to their group and move them in 3D space as required, however you need remember to select the group every time . A mate function would be great or for contraints functions to be further developed to allow constraints between different parts.