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Parmeters and solid constraints

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Parmeters and solid constraints
Testing VariCAD I am really happy to find a real professional CAD application for linux.
I'm working on a simple 3D sketch of a frame which constists on a board and 2 feets. Size and thickness of board and feet could vary depending of projects.
The idea is to combine parameters to be able to easily adjust main size of board and feet and solid constraints to fix feet location relatively to board.
My problem : when I fix feet location to board with solid constraints then the insertion point is fixed (absolutely) so that I'm not able to change size by parameter without breaking relative position of feet to board.
Did I forget something ?
Is there other way to achieve that result ?
Using 2D sketch would help (I will try that way) ?
Solution with insertion point
Solution :
the "center" of 3D solid = initial / absolute insertion point is the only point that doesn't move after size change with parameter so using this insertion point with dimension based on parameter makes it working well.
For example in my case :
Board length : l
Board thickness : e
Foot length : h
Solid constraints for foot :
- foot at edge of board (along board length) : l/2
- foot at edge of board (vertically) : h/2 - e