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Changing the length of an extrusion

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Changing the length of an extrusion
Every time I want to change the length of an extrusion in its side view, varicad pops up and tells me to switch to another view, because it can't edit the profile. Often I do not need to change the profile, but only its length. In previous versions I was able to circumvent this pain by rapidly clicking the extrusion height button, - this is not possible anymore. It would save a lot of time if varicad accepts the new height without switching to another profile view, mostly the new height needs to be defined in some elevation anyway.....
Changing the length of an extrusion
I agree changing extrusion lengths is a bit tedious. In addition to direct 'enter new number'-interface there could be an interface like this: both ends of the extrusion could have an operation 'stretch' that would allow moving that end of the extrusion. This would allow easily snapping to existing points in the model and decreasing/increasing the size by a certain amount. Partially rotated extrusions could work similarly.