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inserting objects: coordsys?

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inserting objects: coordsys?
When I insert objects from a file, and the inserted file contains several objects, it seems that the coordinate system of the inserted file is the same as that of the last object, which was created in that file. This is quite annoying, since it does not depend on what that file IS currently, but on the history of it (which part of it was created as last). I think it would be more reasonable to define the coordinate system of the inserted file to be the same as it is in that file. This is more predictable.

During insertion, I can change the insertion point, but I can not change the coordinate system. Beyond my previous request, i could also be maybe a useful feature. Now one can rotate/orientate the coordinate system of the inserted object with respect to directions/vectors/planes-of-objects in that file, in which it is inserted - this means rotating the inserted object. It could be useful to be able to rotate the coordsys of the inserted object with respect to its own planes/vectors etc (when not the object is rotated, but its coordsys with respect to itself). This way one could for example orientate a given plane of the inserted object parallel to another plane in the file, where it is inserted, independently from the original coordsys of the inserted file.

While you can't use a feature as you suggested directly, you can use some workarounds.

1 If you have an extruded entity You can edit it and rotate the 2 d sections relative to the coordinate system, that gets you into trouble of course if you have some cuts or so in it.
2 If you have a composite object, you can select single parts of it (till you have em all) and then rotate or move, the coordinates will "stand still" while you do it.
3 you can edit the object, but don't change it. then when OK'ed it all, you get the option of moving a changed object, once you are back in 3d model space. If you use this option, you can move the object relative to its coordinates as well.
hope this helps: Max
another workaround
My parts are usually not extruded 2D profiles, but solids with boolean operations (typically drilled holes, and therefore the coordsys of the last hole was used when inserting my part...)

What I finally did was to insert a dummy object into the part file, which was aligned such that its own coordinate system agreed with the absolute coord system in the part file. Then I inserted this part file into the assembly file, and then I deleted the dummy object. But this is a pain in the neck. Could I ask the developers to make some improvement on this?

inserted coordinates
If you just don't like that the object is inserted at some previous point, you can set that in your system settings. In 3d -> tools -> system settings->3d location and 3d dragging.
It seems to me that you are still trying to use the old acad style of setting your UCS. If you empty your mind, you will see that the varicad universe revolves around individual coordinate systems, which you can reference or adopt. In the end you assemble parts which are always related to each other, thats why you always find a relevant relation without indoctrinating your personal path or coordinates
I've been doing the same as Daniel in order to re-align the coordinate system. Having the go back and edit the part in order to align the axis is a pain.

I agree there should be some way of aligning the coordinates to the part axis (or whatever).

I find my mind is empty enough as it is, I don't want to lose the rest of it!

Still wondering whether to purchase.