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Add text in 3D view

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Add text in 3D view
I do most of my modeling in the 3D window ( I struggle with drawing in 2D, especially drawing lines at angles)
and when I have designed whatever I need I would like to be able to add text, dimensions etc.

I have checked these forums and the manual and can't seem to find anything .

Is it possible to add text in the 3D window?
if not,
Cold it be a suggestion for a future release?
Add text in 3D view

Create your models in 3D as you do it now, and then use the "32E" command to export 3D views into 2D. There you can add dimesions, text etc.

Best Regards
Add text in 3D view
Hi Marek,
This I can do and have to do it regularly, I was hoping there was an option to add text in the 3D window, just a thought
I have the same question like you philip :/

somebody knows?
Add text in 3D view
Yes it is possible but you need to start from 2D:

TEX - type your text, then ETX - select it and set the font to 'Varicad block'
now do BTF - explode text font.
Now that all your letters are converted to closed outlines, they can be manipolated like any outline in 2D, rotate, stretched... and can be exported to 3D with ESO command.
If you keep the same reference point while exporting it is very quick to build your 3D text one letter after the other.