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Join 2 offset cylinders

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Join 2 offset cylinders
I have 2 cylinders
1/ 90 mm dia.
2/ 300 mm dia.
The small cylinder is 100 mm away from the large cylinder and 100 mm offset from the centre.

Is there a way to join these 2 cylinders to create a funnel shaped item?

Hope this made sense..
Join offset cylinders
I would use prismatic loft function . Draw two outer diameter circles with there offsets (100mm ), 300 mm for the base and 90 mm for the top . When you extrude the prismatic loft (100 mm) .
Then shell the object to the pipe thickness . Then all going well
you can merge the three parts
How to do this
Thanks for the response to this problem.
I left the file for a while because of other work duties, however I am now back on this project.
Could you maybe do a small step by step tutorial on how to do this, I am scratching my head at the moment.