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Get one element from boolean tree

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Get one element from boolean tree
Currently one can either completely explode a boolean tree, or delete a single item from it (if I am not wrong...)
It would be nice if one could retrieve a single element from the boolean tree, as an object.
For example, if I have created complicated 'hole' (by subtracting some object from another one), and later I realize that I need to make the same hole on another object, I would like to retrieve this subtracted object (which is part of that boolean tree), and copy it, and subtract it from the other object as well.
Is it possible now?
Just copy them
Hi Daniel, you can just copy one or more single elements somewhere else. Place them on a different solid and use boolean operations. Holes will appear as solids then and will have to be substracted from that solid.
I can't
Thanks, it's a good idea, but what is the exact way you do it?
If I try Edit->Copy, then the 'Select single elements' and 'Select solid boolean tree branches' options are disallowed for me.