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automatic attributes
My earlier post(s) about automatic updating of certain attributes, and their corresponding display in title blocks, got no response at all.
May I again request a feature, that certain attributes (drawing scale, dwg-filename, etc) are automatically set by VariCAD (and NOT by the user), and automatically updated in title blocks?
Filename for example should NOT be entered by the user. If he wants to display a fake filename, to cheat himself, he can introduce a new text attribute, and fill it as he wants.
Every now and then I run into the problem, that when I want to make a new version of a piece, I copy the file with a new name, and forget to manually update the 'filename' attribute, and manually update the title block. Then, when 2D drawing is printed, it is really confusing to think that this is still an earlier version.
Or I figured out that a drawing scale 2:1 would be better, so I changed it, but I forgot to manually update the 'drawing scale' attribute, so the printed 2D drawing displayed the wrong 1:1 drawing scale.
I would also welcome the possibility to set the title blocks to automatically update themselves, whenever any attribute displayed in them change.

An automatic attribute 'last modification date' would also be useful (to be automatically updated in title blocks as well)