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Auto Update Parts in Assembly

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Auto Update Parts in Assembly
When I construct an assembly from separte parts that were made as individual files, how do I get the assembly to auto update when the individual part was modified? i.e, I have to move a hole....
Auto Update Parts in Assembly
This can be set using the icon "Assembly Changes Transfer Settings" (DSO command).

It is also accessible from the pull-down menu: Objects > Assemblies and Identical Copies > Set Transfer of Changes.
auto update parts
The two checkboxes in
Tools > System Settings > 3D/Assembly Link Settings
could also be useful for you.

If the assembly is NOT open at the time, when the parts are changed, it will automatically reflect the changes anyway, when it is opened.
Assembly Update
If the link assembly-part is properly created, the objects are always updated automatically. If the files are open simultaneously, the update is performed when you switch the active document. If the affected files are not all open, the changes are performed when the file is open.

Whenever you change a part, all the changes are transfered into corresponding assembly (or more assemblies, where the part is inserted)

You can also change a part in assembly file. The changes are tranferred into the part-file, too.