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Selecting Points

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Selecting Points
Hi, I am just evaluating the demo version and wondering if there is any way to select points around rounded areas? For example I have a wire section with an elbow on each end and I want to select a point that represents the middle of the wire between those two elbows.
Selecting Points
For such purposes, there are so many options which can be even combined so I am sure that it can be done. Can you send me the drawing showing what exactly you need? I can send you detailed instructions including screenshots so that you can follow them easily.
The email address is support@varicad.com

Detecting a location
It is usefull to turn on the displaying of all edges (menu Tools > Shading and Edges Display Settings). Turn on the "Display of tangent connections of patches". Then you will be able to detect all spatial curves, including, for instance, seams of rotating surfaces and detect their mid-points.

This option gives you more possibilities to work efficiently. On the other side, 3D objects may not look good - there may be more curves at surfaces.

For realy good display, you may use so called "Precise Displaying" (menu View). This works with different settings and is not available for interactive inputs - it is only for presentation purposes.