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After a lot of discussion, our institute has finally bought a Fanuc Robodrill CNC machine, which suddenly changed our attitude to design, fabrication, etc (i.e. we do not want anymore to just create 2D drafts to be submitted to companies or to our workshop, but fabricate the pieces ourselves).
This opens the question about CAM possibilities.

My question is twofold:
1) Are there any such features foreseen in VariCAD?
2) Does anybody have any suggestion, how to create CNC machine code from VariCAD models?

My boss is ready to buy Autodesk Inventor, which would make it probably easy, but it would be a real hassle to reboot my notebook into Windows every time I make the design work.

I am an absolute beginner in this field, at the moment I can not even imagine how a software could be so intelligent to figure out the machining procedure, producing the desired piece, so every comment and hint would be very useful for me.

CNC Code
there is no chance to generate Code directly from Varicad. But with CAM-Software like Condacam (www.condacam.de) or Visual Mill (www.mecsoft.com) yout will be able to generate G-Code for your Milling machine. Varicad is just a CAD but not a CAM-System. To generate G-Code you can export yout CAD-Files as STL or as STEP-File. Condacam and Visual Mill are able to read the Files and work with Varicad-Data.