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Sections and threaded holes

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Sections and threaded holes
Not as if I would have any hope for feedback, but let me share this with you:

If I have an object, which has a threaded hole, and I define a 3D-section such that when this is switched on, some of the threaded holes should completely disappear (since they are completely within the sectioning tool's volume), they tend to stay there, as a red pipe. Quite annoying...
Sometimes they disappear. One needs to switch on/off the 3D-section (and make some other things, I don't know what) quite a few times, and then they sometimes disappear. One should then quickly make the 2D export...
Sections and threaded holes
I have just tried it in the current VariCAD 2008 3.03 and it worked well for me. What version of VariCAD are you using?

Thank you
Sections and threaded holes
2008 3.00
I will give a try to 3.03, thanks.
seems ok with 3.03, thanks!
A quick simple example worked fine with 3.03, thanks (I hope it was not the complexity of my object, which made 3.00 to fail)