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attribute 'assembly.no'

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attribute 'assembly.no'
From the BOM of an assembly, one can transfer attribute values into the parts' attributes, such as 'dwg.no' to the attribute 'assembly.no' of the parts.

However, a part can be inserted into several assemblies. To make the most straightforward example: VariCAD can not insert sub-assemblies into assemblies, so if I want to show a detail-assembly, I create an assembly file of those few parts which I want to show, and I will also create the big-assembly file, showing the full assembly. In this case the 'assembly.no' attribute of the part will always be overwritten, depending on which assembly was BOM-ed the latest.
Any suggestion?

Something that I would like to have: 'assembly.no' of the parts should be a list (comma-separated, for example) of those assemblies, in which this part is included.