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2D in 3D

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2D in 3D

I found in the new 2.03 version:

- 2D drawing editor works also in 3D space, which is especially
important for editing solid profiles and creation of new solids;
using profile rotation, extrusion etc.
- 2D drawing in 3D works also with access to 3D solids;

Then now is it possible to create directly in 3D space 3D loftings between two solids, for example by selecting the planes or the edges of the solids?
2D in 3D
Hi Stefan,
Yes, it is possible. I can send you an example (drawing and screenshots)via email.
2D in 3D
Thank you, Marek!
You're great!
I'll be waiting for the examples......
You can also find examples in Quick Demonstration Flash Movies or in Quick Demo VariCAD Viewer. Both versions of Demo are available from pull-down menu Help.
documentation where?
If I select the surface of a solid in order to develop/extrude that surface/profile, how do I use the edges of the surface as reference-lines?

If I have e.g. cut a solid at a random angle, I'd like to be able to select the new cross section surface and draw a profile on that surface using the lines (I.e snapping to etc.) of the CS. I simply cannot figure out how to add the lines as references.

Thank you in advance.