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How do I change object orientation with repect to axes

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How do I change object orientation with repect to axes
I have looked through the manual and forum and I cannot find this answer. I want to flip an object so that I can orient it correctly on my 3d printer. I need to make it "Z axis up" or change the axes for the object, like change the X to Z axis.

There is some reference to this in the manual but I cannot find where the icons mentioned in the manual are located or get them to come up.

Re: How do I change object orientation with repect to axes
Dear Mrs. Eadline,

thank you for your inquiry, I will try to explain. VariCAD has a Global Coordinate System (GCS), which has its origin and direction of axes set up defaultly. The default orientation can be changed for every new document. When importing to VariCAD (or it should apply for every CAD as my knowledge goes), VariCAD inserts origin of the GCS of the imported file to the GCS origin of VariCAD and set up the orientation of axes to match the orientation of VariCAD axes. Location and orientation of solids in VariCAD is defined using this system.

When this is aknowleged, you only need to rotate your model in VariCAD the way, so the desired direction of your model (for example axis of a shaft) is oriented in direction you want it too according to the GCS. This can be done by the transformation function and its tools, for example: you can rotate around an axis, you can set each of the axes to direct against or along a vector or plane's normal or to match the orientation of other solid's axes.

I hope, this helps solve your concern. Have a nice day!

VariCAD Support Team