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One more time about scripting.

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One more time about scripting.
We need scripting for creating models in 3d, may be some support for OpensCad format. Or may be palns to make an open native varicad text file format?
VariCAD has not got any feature like this and if I have correct information, it is not in its plan...
Scripting features

It's so sad to hear that.
Mainly it should take some method to allow pluggabilty to Varicad.
At least to allow to call all menu functions.
Strangely all functions are listed as plain text into the history bar, if a python interface will come up, it will open a huge potentiality to varicad.
I think that would be a small effort.
I will second that request. I wouldn't mind the option of accessing the command line in the linux version. I could then run my file "check in" script right from VariCAD. It would be double fun if we could assign a script to a pushbutton on the menu. I could check in a CAD file with the push of a button.
Python Scripting
Yes, if you added a python scripting API your market share would skyrocket! Although that would be a large endeavor for you I am sure.
Another vote for scripting
Python would be ideal, but almost ANY languge, Python, Lua, Julia, etc would be infinitely useful. I'm sure Varicad knows this, and I'm sure they have their reasons.