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Improper Value for distance from axis

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Improper Value for distance from axis
I am trying to define a geometric constraint for a part. My goal is to have a coaxial contraint, so I select the "Z" axis of the part I'd like to constrain. I would then like to select a round surface to define the axis. I have played around with all the constraints availalbe to me.

The closest I can get is to use y or X "Distance from an axis" and make it a small number. I cannot use 0 for some reason, it says it is improper value. I see that "Location at a circle center, intesection with Z along the normal" can work for giving me a coaxial relationship, but the problem is that it becomes fixed along the Z axis, whereas I would like it to be offset from a face with a Z distance.

So how would I create constraints that make a part aligned along an axis but also offset along that axis?

Many thanks!