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3d theads settings

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3d theads settings
Hi. Thanks for new threads tools - they are really helpful. But how to change the color of the treaded parts so that it matches the rest of the solid?? Pls advise. olivier
Colors of 3D Threads
Hi Olivier, Please see VariCAD menu: Tools > Colors and Wires of Solids. There switch off the option: "Screw threads are in different colors than other solids"
displaying threaded surfaces
Thanks for help. And how about getting the real threads displayed? Where to set it ?
Displaing 3D Threads
To set it, please see VariCAD menu: View > Precise Displaying. Select "Displaying threads" and click on the "Change selected property" button". Then, tick off the option "Display threads schematically on threaded surfaces".

Please note that precise displaying is always recommended just for presentation or similar purposes. While designing it is recommended to use the standard display, as it saves computer memory and time.